The Board & Committees

Chairman of the board: Rafi Lalo
lawyer: Josef Markovich
Accountant: Yarel & Partners Certified Public Accountants

Committee Members:

Baruch Golgolderg
Lea Lehavi
Shachar Goldberg
Maayan Afar
Josef wein
Omer Meterani
Eyal Nagar
Yonatan Lalo

Sub Committees:

Donations Committee

Committee Chairman: Rafi Lalo

The “Leaders of the Pack” Organization is a none-profit association. All its members are Okets – k-9 unit veterans practicing their roles voluntarily.

The donations gathered are channeled to the following objectives –

Primary objective: supporting and assisting Okets soldiers and veteran, including educational scholarships, support packages to Okets soldiers and their families experiencing financial hardship, and helping Okets soldiers travel and re-unite with their close family living abroad.

Secondary objective: developing and sustaining the Organization as a fertile ground for all Okets members and veterans. This includes this website, the veteran network.

If you wish to donate, please contact Rafi Lalo on:


Phone:  +972-54-3977263

Members Committee

Committee Chairman: Lea Lehavi

The Members Committee main aim is developing and sustaining the “Leaders of the Pack” social and professional network, covering both members and none-members veterans.

Audit Committee

Committee Chairman: Josef wein

The committee Overseeing the association and committees’ lawful conduct.

Veterinary Committee

Committee Chairman: Omer Meterani

The Veterinarian Committee, in cooperation with the Okets Chief Veterinarian, will help veteran Canines requiring medical attention.

The Veterinarian Committee will do its best effort to help, though it will require the Chief Veterinarian approval, and the Canine owner approval for any action taken.

We wish our veteran canine partners blissful and happy civil life!  Yet if our help is required, please contact us.

Scholarship Committee

Committee Chairman: Maayan Afar

The Scholarship Committee assisting veterans in their way and on their academic studies.

The scholarships are the topmost achievement of the association, hence we do our best effort to push it foreword every year.

The scholars chosen by the Scholarship Committee will be helping in development of the association (as volunteers), expanding the association capabilities helping us reach more veterans and extend our activities.