The Foudation

Leaders of the Pack Organization

The “Leaders of the Pack” Foundation was founded by the men and women who served in the Oketz Elite Operational K-9 Unit of the IDF. The organization is legally registered with the Registrar of Companies (license number 580447415) and is under the supervision of an external accounting and legal counsel.

The foundation was established by veterans of the Oketz Unit as well as by parents of the soldiers who currently serve in the unit and those who served in the unit in the past.  The foundation is currently operated by an elected panel of highly devoted volunteers.

The foundation’s goal is to stand along side the soldiers from the moment they reach the unit and even after they are released.

The foundation’s banner carries the phrase: “We are here with you and for you”, operating throughout the length of the service of combat soldiers, combat support and the canine partners during compulsory and reserve duty of the unit’s veterans.

Over the years of the organization’s existence, they have operated to get donations that will be directed towards the unit’s needs, the needs of the soldiers and those of the reservists.

The Foundation’s Goals:

  1. Providing financial grants and scholarships to the unit’s veterans.
  2. Working to provide support and help to members of the organization including employment opportunities, legal counsel, business contacts, financial or medical assistance, and more.
  3. Offering assistance to injured veterans and their families.
  4. Financing special medical procedures for soldiers and canines who served in the unit, including those injured during their service.
  5. Care and preservation of the unit’s legacy.
  6. Promoting public relations regarding the unit’s contributions.
  7. Organization of social activities, trips and meetings for the benefit of the foundation’s members.

Recent Foundation Operations
1. Providing aid to Lone Soldiers (soldiers serving without family in Israel, including new immigrants from around the world) .
2. Offering scholarships to veterans of the unit that meet particular criteria.
3. Providing flights to Lone Soldiers so they can visit their families outside of Israel.
4. Covering the costs of medical care for retired dogs that served in the unit and were adopted by veterans.
5. Preservation of the unit’s legacy, including stories from battle, as well as construction of memorials for fallen soldiers from the unit.
6. Providing assistance for purchasing equipment that will aid soldiers currently serving in the unit .
7. Establishing a clubhouse for the soldiers-in-training.
8. Purchasing special canine treadmills for the dogs currently serving in the unit.
9. Collaborating with select businesses that offer benefits to veterans of the unit.

Thanks to our generous donors, we now have the facility to honor and remember our brother in arms walking on four who fought with us.